Under Milk Wood

Under Milk Wood Poster; image shows girl running up hill in silhouette

Stumble down Llaregyb Hill towards the sea and you will discover a village fast and slow asleep; a village whose history is poetry and dreams; a village populated by gossips, poisoners, lovers and ghosts.

Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, but always beautiful, Under Milk Wood invites the audience to explore the innermost thoughts and desires of over sixty unforgettable characters, including time-obsessed Lord Cut-Glass, Bessie Bighead and her cows, Jack Black with his religious trousers, and blind old Captain Cat who communes with the dead.

Dylan Thomas plays with morality and hope in this fairytale play for voices, all the time showcasing his unique musical mastery of the English language, and celebrating the magical power of words.

  • First Voice Sinead Hanna

  • Second Voice Isaac French

  • Mog Edwards, Sinbad Sailors, Dai Bread & others Jim Akhurst

  • Rosie Probert, Mrs Ogmore Pritchard, Lord Cut Glass & others Roanna Bond

  • Mrs Willy Nilly, Polly Garter, Mrs Cherry Owen & others Heidi Booth

  • Lily Smalls, Mrs Organ Morgan, Mrs Dai Bread One & others Kathryn Gee

  • Mr Pritchard, Mr Cherry Owen, Mr Pugh & others Ben Holliday

  • Myfanwy Price, Mae Rose Cottage, Mrs Pugh & others Sophie Hume

  • Mr Waldo, Organ Morgan, Voice of a Guidebook & others Id Maskell

  • Mr Ogmore, Rev. Eli Jenkins, Willy Nilly, Mr Butcher Beynon & others Sid Moon

  • Gossamer Beynon, Mrs Butcher Beynon, Mary Ann Sailors, Dai Bread 2 & others Jill Akhurst

  • Captain Cat & others Michael Wrate

  • Assistant Director Katy Smith

  • Set Design Nick Gordon

  • Lighting Design Kasia Senyszyn

  • Music Greg Ireland

  • Shadow Puppetry James Frost

  • Stage Manager Becky Lamyman

  • Rehearsal Prompt Tessa Taylor

  • Poster Design Emma Ozenbrook