The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Just in time for Halloween, The Canterbury Players are delighted to present our spookiest production yet.

The blood curdling tale of the Headless Hessian has always been a favourite of the residents of Sleepy Hollow but it isn't until the arrival of the new schoolmaster that things take a spooky turn. Can Ichabod enjoy a contented life in this little village full of strangeness and wonder? Or will the forces of darkness ultimately lead him down a very different path........

  • Ichabod Crane / Ensemble Will Goulder

  • Katrina Van Tassel / Ensemble Jade Wiltshire

  • Brom Bones / Ensemble Andreas Avraam

  • Baltus Van Tassel / Ensemble Roanna Bond

  • Hans Van Ripper / Ensemble Tessa Taylor

  • Parson Van Houten / Ensemble Sid Moon

  • Villager / Ensemble Zia Musaphia

  • Villager / Ensemble Jim Akhurst

  • Villager / Ensemble Jill Akhurst

  • Villager / Ensemble Kasia Senyszyn

  • Villager / Ensemble Julian Moore

  • Villager / Ensemble Hayley Marjolin

  • Directorial Consultant Sally Elkerton

  • Musical Composition and Performance Greg Ireland

  • Puppets made and worked by James Frost

  • Puppetry Assistant Sarah Gooch

  • Set Designer Nick Gordon

  • Set Construction Nick Gordon

  • Stage Manager Sarah Gooch

  • DSM Pippa Lowen

  • Lighting Design Nick Gordon

  • Poster design and Publicity Sinead Hanna

  • Programme Design Emma Ozenbrook

  • Photography Les Gordon

  • Rehearsal Prompt Katy Smith

  • Backstage Support Tracy Clark