Currently Rehearsing: What The Butler Saw

What The Butler Saw is a side-splitting frantic farce written by the English playwright Joe Orton.  It is set in a psychiatric clinic yet there isn't a madman in sight. The bizarre proceedings stem from Dr Prentice's efforts to conceal his attempted seduction of his prospective secretary. What follows is a hilarious spectacle of disintegration; normality crack and the characters descent into mental, physical and sexual confusion.

The Canterbury Players are delighted to be returning in spring 2017 to The Playhouse Theatre, Whitstable with this contemporary classic

  • Geraldine Barclay Hayley Marjolin

  • Dr. Prentice Id Maskell

  • Mrs. Prentice Jocelyn Docherty

  • Nicholas Beckett Matthew Sullivan

  • Dr. Rance Mike Ayris

  • Sgt. Match Mark Charles Smith

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  • Poster Design Stephen Lamyman

  • Poster Design Michael Anders